23 Disember 2010

The 7th GiveAway

Dont Forget tO Follow these simple rules :
1) Like us on The 7th Facebook & be our follower :) ~~~ Done 
    ( tapi kat blog je.. facebook add me ila alia ~~ pic berry)
2) Write in your very creative way in your blog : ~~~ Done
     Im craving for The 7th muffins because....
     Malay pun boleh : Saya inginkan muffin The 7th kerana....
3) Don't forget to insert the above banner in your post / sidebar ~~~~ in my pOst n3 should be Ok kan
4) Link back your post at our comment box below / facebook wall ~~~~ dOne
5) You are done :) ~~ Of Course itS Done

Saya inginkan muffin The 7th kerana saya belum merasainya... so kena rasa dulu...... baru bole promosi ngan famili.. kawan-kawan... bakal kawan-kawan... seantero dunia.... 

The most creative slogan will get the 8 pieces of muffins straightaway in front of their house.What are you waiting for? Crack out your brain and enjoy the tasty muffins, it worth to try :)
and the prize might increase if the contestant increase.Spread this out people! 

With LOVE, 
-The 7th-

Contest end : 31st January 2011

3 ulasan:

The 7th berkata...

Yeah, its okay, it's not necessary to put our banner at your sidebar :)

hey thanks for this, and do spread this contest out, as mentioned, the prize might increase and the bigger chances for you to win! :)

with love,
-The 7th-

ferry berkata...

muffin dgn cupcake apa beza dia?

iLa SaHaR berkata...

muffin is muffin...
cup cake tuh... kek yg dibuat dalam cup kemudian atas nye ada decoration...
tapi betul la itu la perbezaan nye...